Tunisian crochet weave stitch design

Tunisian crochet woven stitch tutorial with chart

I first posted this Tunisian crochet stitch design a few months ago on my Instagram page, where you can find a low quality insta video of how to do it.

Now I have also made a chart for it for those familiar with Tunisan crochet patterns and here it is:

crochet woven stitch chart

The design is basically made up of a row of Tunisian knit stitch in one colour followed by a row of Tunisian full stitch in an alternative colour.

Tunisian Crochet


  • Always make sure you count your loops on the hook at the end of each stitch row and make sure it’s the same amount you started with –  it’s easy to put your starting/finishing stitch in the wrong place and end up with an extra stitch.
  • Always change colour on the left side, before you start your return pass. i.e work a row of knit stitch, change colour, complete your return pass, work a row of full stitch, change colour, work your return pass, work a row of knit etc…
  • Pull your threads taught at either side when starting finishing a row- not too tight that you can’t stitch, but tight enough to tidy the edge up. Changing your stitches on each row makes your edges messy, there’s no way that I’ve found to avoid this, but pulling tight seems to do the best job.
  • You don’t need to tie in a new thread for every colour change, as the rows are so close together when you change colour you can just pick up the thread from the below change and start working with it – just don’t forget to cross your threads.


Don’t forget to show me your work if you try is, tag @sylviamargaretdesigns on Instagram.



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